Family Travel Tips

New Zealand as a whole is a very family friendly travel destination. In fact millions of families from all over the world come here every year. Our lodge is equipped and fully catered for families of all sizes and ages. There is no shortage of stuff to do to keep kids entertained, but there are a few things that you should consider depending on your itinerary.

Travel Light

travel lightThis is especially the case when you are travelling long distances. If you are staying with us then you can take advantage of the fact that clothes can be washed and dried within a day. We once had a family of 6 arrive with 5 suitcases. The following year when they returned, they only had 2 items of luggage and their entire travel experience was made so much more pleasant.

A lot of stuff can also be rented making it less likely for things to be lost or damaged on a plane. As much as possible we recommend renting activity equipment. We can help with sourcing everything you need for your itinerary anywhere on the islands.

Pack According To Activities.

You will obviously want to bring your own hiking boots and gear, but if you plan to go skiing then there is no shortage of rental companies on both the North and South Island. Where families can really make a difference is with baby equipment. We can offer things like highchairs and travel cots, so no need to try get those on planes and cars.

Most people tend to travel with a lightweight umbrella stroller which is ideal for the airport experience.

However, if you plan on doing some short hikes then these umbrella strollers are not always the best solution. We would always recommend looking at some the best jogging strollers available here. These are far better for navigating along uneven surfaces. We keep a few of these in storage and you can hire one directly with us if you want to avoid buying one.

Pack For All Weather Conditions

This is probably one of the biggest obstacles for people travelling to NZ. Unlike our neighbours to the west, the NZ climate is very different and it is quite common to have cool and wet summer days. We always recommend travellers to pack layers that can be easily taken off as the weather can drastically change from morning to afternoon.

While it is generally very mild here we do get quite a bit of rain. Also, the climate from the tip of the North to the South is very different and ranges from subtropical to alpine.

If you are doing a large tour of the island with your kids then ensure that you hve enough clothes to keep warm and cool.

Rent A Car

While a lot of backpackers tend to travel by bus, for families we always recommend getting a car. It is so much easier to travel around and get to places at times that suit you and your kids. Being reliant on strict timetables and limited space can be very inconvenient for families so avoid hardship and disappointment.

We can help you with finding the best car rental deals, so just use the contact page above and we will take care of the rest.


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